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Apartment & Villa Management


Algarve Travel Consultants are ideally located to oversee and manage your Apartment or Villa,whether it be a simple winter regular scheduled security and maintenance check,or a complete package of property rental activities,including booking control,deposit and payment collection,key holding,meet & greet and cleaning services.

Why select Algarve Travel Consultants?....................

We are a local,hands-on business,with many years experience in the service industry.We have stringent standards in delivering a thorough and professional service to our clients.We realize the importance of your property investment and the requirement to deliver regular returns,while maintaining  a consistantly high level of cleanliness and general repair.

We are flexible in our approach and can adapt our service plans to suit your usage and budget criteria,so please contact us for your personal quote by email at


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Key Handling   Included Included €100/yr
Airport Meet & Greet event  €50 €40  €60 
Apartment Meet & Greet event  €20 €15  €25 
Cleaning Services   €12/hr €10/hr  €15/hr 
Laundry Services per weight  €3/kg €2/kg  €5/kg 
Welcome Food Pack Basics   €30 €30  €30 
 Maintenance Calls  €15/hr €10/hr  €20/hr 
 Co-ordinate Repairs  €20/hr Included  €40/hr 
 Handle Post  1/mth 2/mth  €10/mth 
 Pay Service Bills  Included Included  €4/item 
 Monthly Site Inspection Visit  1/mth 2/mth  €40/visit 
 Advertising on HomeAway.ok/yr  Included Included  €250/yr 
 Booking Control Fee per year  €100/yr Included  €200/yr 
 Deposit Handling Fee per year  €100/yr Included  €150/yr 
 ANNUAL  FEE €550 €850  


All apartments which are advertised for public rentals must have a valid rental licence,or else the owner faces a substantial fine.Algarve Travel Consultants can assist you in making your application and arrange for the inspection certificates for the electricity and gas services to be provided.You are also required to provide additional safety equipment,including fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
The application,once submitted,will take up to 5 weeks to be assessed and accepted.

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