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Algarve Restaurant Bookings

Picture yourself in this beautiful location enjoying sumptious food and perfect company the Algarve,everything is possible.

The cuisine in the Algarve offers a varied range of fresh local produce,with a strong emphasis on fresh seafood and delicious fruits and plays an important part in Portuguese culture.The local fishing and farming communities provide an abundance of quality produce,which are created into mouthwatering dishes,which are complimented by fine local wines.

The former colonies in Africa,India and the Far East have influenced Portuguese cuisine making it very different than the neighbouring Mediterranean countries.Many herbs and spices,such as pepper,saffron,ginger and coriander were introduced into Europe by the Portuguese,as were coffee,pineapples,potatoes and rice.

Portuguese recipes are characterised by their use of a wide variety of spices including Piri Piri,vanilla,cinnamon and saffron.The Algarve region has Arab and Moorish influences and an old tradition of almond and figs

The most famous dish is salted cod,or Bacalhau and each region has its own local recipe.Other popular fish include octopus,squid,sea bass,anchovie,sardines and swordfish.A local favourite is Cataplana,which is a simple fish stew,cooked in its own special sealed copper container.The most popular meat dish is pork,but lamb,beef,veal and poultry are also widely used in cooking.

Each resort enjoys a mix of local ethnic restaurants,international cuisine and fast-food outlets to suit all tastes and budgets.There are many beach restaurants,catering for the day trippers,who are looking for light snack food during the hot summers and which provide spectacular settings for sunset cocktails and intimate dinners in the evenings.

For golfing groups,who have enjoyed  their experience on one of the many golf courses in the Algarve,an evening in a quality restaurant to relive the day with their pals is the ideal end to the day.There are many top restaurants who cater for large groups and welcome them with special offers on wines and dinner drinks.

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